first day of fall…!

Fall is here! I love fall – it’s my favorite season. Love the cooler weather, the changing colors of leaves, even fall fashion. Today fall 2017 introduced itself with a somewhat chilly morning – a comfortably cool 62 degrees.  I … Continue reading


around here…

roses are beautiful in every stage - susie carranza studio

Hello February! Today’s a beautiful rainy day in Southern California, so I can’t take good photos today of the artwork I’ve been working on. Instead I’m sharing photographs of my past few weeks. With everything going on in the world … Continue reading


Inspiration is everywhere…(or: Palm Springs, baby!)

Inspired to draw palm trees - susie carranza studio

Last weekend, my sister Lulu invited me to a Palm Springs getaway. If you knew my sister, you’d know that it was a no-brainer to say “Yes!” with no hesitation. Off we went! We had two nights and three days … Continue reading


creative April…

my work space today - colorful & busy!

April is turning out to be a creative month for me, and I’m loving it! I joined a 30 day challenge for the month – the Creative Sprint. You can follow along on social media by looking up the hashtag … Continue reading


first day of 2015…

Happy New Year! Here in sunny California, our first day of 2015 was a beautiful, sunny (of course!) and chilly day. Lawrence and I enjoyed a delicious lunch with my parents, and my sister and niece. I suggested a walk in a nearby park, and so we spent the afternoon in the gorgeous outdoors…

I hope your first day of the new year was just as good as mine…tomorrow I get back to sharing creative stuff – specifically, the last pages of art journaling I did in 2014.

’til next time…

New Year's Day 2015

New Year’s Day 2015


beautiful rain…

we finally got rain here, so I spent some time outside in between rainfalls and did an unplanned photo session.

I LOVE the rain – every looks beautiful after a rainfall…



garden shot after rainfall. susie carranza studio

after the rain. susie carranza studiopotato bush after a rainfall. susie carranza studioSt. Francis statue after a rainfall. susie carranza studiogarden shot after a rainfall. susie carranza studiogarden close-up after a rainfall. susie carranza studiogarden shot after a rainfall. susie carranza studio

beautiful old birdhouse...

beautiful old birdhouse…

Susie's Garden sign, made by my best friend Annette...

Susie’s Garden sign, made by my best friend Annette…

fallen petals...

fallen petals…



Canela's not happy when it rains...

Canela’s not happy when it rains…

rain selfie! (sort of...)

rain selfie! (sort of…)

sat in my parked car, in my pjs, and enjoyed the rain...

sat in my parked car, in my pjs, and enjoyed the rain…

beautiful raindrops!

beautiful raindrops!


winter around here…

i’ve been seeing SO many beautiful photos all over instagram and facebook of snow storms and snowy landscapes! i’m a bit jealous, since we never get snow around here – i don’t remember it ever snowing in my lifetime.

i was outside the other day checking out the cactus plants, when i got the idea for this blog post. so here i am sharing OUR winter here in sunny California – enjoy!

flowering cactuspotted fuschiawhite geranium flowering potato bushpotted succulentwhite flowerpotted purple beautybougainvilleame and my shadowyup, winter around here right now is flip flop weather!

’til next time…





love everyday…


find the beauty everyday…

life’s been rough. for a while now.

i don’t want to rehash here; you can catch up on our almost buying our first house (so – they say things happen for a reason), loss, and more loss…(my sister patty…) add to that, my husband and i are currently living in my parents’ house (waiting to move into his parents’ house, but that’s a whole OTHER story…) and i’m trying to help my mother heal from a long bout with pneumonia.

and when time permits, i try to further my life as an artist.

i’m not looking for pity here. i know lots of people (in my real life and in my social media circles) who have gone and are still going through trying times. when life seems to suck, your dreams seem dashed, and you want to just stay in bed sleeping or eating ice cream (don’t judge me!)…

what do you do?

one thing not to do –

don’t ever stop seeing the beauty around you.

this morning, i was helping my father roll the trash cans out to the street for garbage pick up. i was pulling the trash can with one hand and talking on the phone with my husband on the other. i was looking down at the gravel driveway when i saw something shiny.  (if you knew me, this would be funny – my husband teases me about getting “shinied” – distracted – all the time.)  i thought it might be just broken glass but my curiosity was enough that on the way back from the curb – both hands now free – i picked it up.

my father asked what i’d found.  it was this beautiful, unbroken, glass flower:


this little found treasure made me so happy! my father and i took turns holding it up to the sun and looking at it.

it was beautiful. and has now found a home in a small box until i decide how best to show it off.

later, i heated up some food and headed to my room to eat, planning on working on the computer at the same time. when i came to my bedroom door, hot bowl of food in hand, i found i’d locked myself out. (i’d locked the door earlier as i was changing clothes, and went out the back door to help my father with the trash cans. thus leaving my door locked.)

i grumbled, then laughed at myself and went outside. i needed to go around the house, go through the washroom door and into our bedroom to unlock the other door. maneuvering around the laundry lines, the air conditioner unit, and our dog, i again looked down.

a tiny yellow flower growing out of the concrete, in the crack between the house and the walkway, seemed to be looking at me…


a thing of beauty. again.

if i had not been looking at my surroundings today – while dragging trash cans, maneuvering around physical obstacles, scolding myself for leaving a door locked – i would have missed it.

it was a lesson to me today. recently i’ve been angry at our circumstances, feeling tired, fed up, put upon even, and misplaced…

these two flowers – two very different flowers! – reminded me to always look around me. it was as if a higher power was telling me “here’s a little gift just for you.”

things of beauty surround us.

treasures wait to be found.

if only we look.

so please, no matter what your circumstances, whatever is happening in your immediate world – don’t forget to look around.

sometimes all it takes is a little thing, a simple thing, to make us smile. and, if only for a while, forget everything else…♥

’til next time…


the week in instagram…

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bare feet in grass

bare feet in grass

earrings: feathers and arrows

late night: making earrings just for fun

pretty paint water, "dream" heart ornament, Jacquard textile colors

pretty paint water, “dream” heart ornament, Jacquard textile colors

Yogi tea wisdom

Yogi tea wisdom


dandelion: make a wish

putting items in Etsy shop on sale

putting items in Etsy shop on sale

cloudy february skies

cloudy february skies

photo booth on my iMac

photo booth on my iMac

my parents' geranium plant

my parents’ geranium plant

happy birthday to my husband, Lawrence

happy birthday to my husband, Lawrence

finally - much needed rain

finally – much needed rain