#ShopSmall this holiday season!

This holiday season, don’t forget to support local and small businesses! #ShopSmall Saturday is November 25, 2017 – forget the crazy crowds, mass-produced items, and give unique, handmade gifts. I have some new items to my Etsy art shop and will continue … Continue reading

new art in Etsy shop!

I’ve been busy creating new work for my Etsy art shop – I’m determined to have it full for holiday shoppers! Here’s just a few of the new art pieces. Stay tuned for more to come…! Hope you drop my my art … Continue reading

…and it’s june…!

Hi! Remember me? The very inconsistent blogger? Yeah, I know…my last post was back in February…! It’s been very busy around here – lots of home improvement projects (YAY!), some health issues (nothing major), and lots of thought and research … Continue reading

a peek inside my drawing pad…

My hands... - susie carranza studio

  I love drawing. Late at night when everyone’s asleep is the best time for me – it’s quiet, it’s just me and my drawing pad, pens/pencils of choice, and uninterrupted creative time. I have been painting, but it’s been … Continue reading


i’ve come to a revelation.  a very important one.

being a full-time artist is great.  you create – whatever your medium – full time.  awesome, right?

being a full-time artist making a steady income?  that’s something entirely different!  mind you, i am not an expert in either category…

i’ve been busy ‘networking’.  i’m not 100% sure what the word means, but i’ve been doing it!  i run my facebook page, Susie Carranza Studio and i post daily.  i have 2 etsy shops:  one selling my work (Susie Carranza Studio) and one selling supplies (Susie’s This & That).  i might not add new items every day but i check both shops every day, tweaking listings here and there, sometimes retaking photos, rewording descriptions, etc.  same thing with the website Arte de Nuestro Corazon that i share with 4 other creative people (my husband being one).  i spent time every day posting and sharing links to all these sites regularly.

so – my revelation?  i spend so much time ‘networking’ that i’m forgetting something very important.  CREATING.

starting this blog helped with this sudden epiphany.  this is only my third blog post, and i wanted to share new pieces i’m working on.  that’s when it hit me – when was the last time i sat down to paint?  just paint for the sake of painting?

so today i woke determined.  i cleared off the dining room table.  (did i mention that “susie carranza studio” is all over our house?  studio space is any flat surface to work on in my mind!)  set up my paints.  for the rest of this week i WILL paint.

i know that networking and sharing your work is important.  obviously, or i wouldn’t spend so much time on it.  but i need to remind myself that the reason i quit my job 3 (4?) years ago was to be a full-time artist.  which means i need to ART.  (is art a verb?)

by the way, thank you to those of you who are following this blog.  it’s so new and so raw that i’m very happy and honored that some of you have signed on to come along for the ride.  thank you! 🙂

going back…

i never thought i’d describe myself as an artist.  my ‘doodling’ (as i referred to my drawings) was just something i did without thinking.  i could be eating a meal and something would come to me and i’d draw all over my napkin.  if there was ever a paper and writing tool of any kind in front of me – watch out!  i worked as a preschool teacher, and doodling was something i did (a lot!) during staff meetings…

(click on images to see them larger)

i love filling every inch of paper…

in fact, it was during these staff meetings that my friend & coworker Sheila would watch me draw.  one day she told me bluntly (as was her way), “you’re going to hell if you don’t use the talents God gave you.”  i laughed at the time.  i loved drawing, but i also loved writing.  at the time, in addition to being a full-time preschool teacher, i was taking a creative writing class that i was very involved in.  i was even starting to send poems and short stories out and getting published in small magazines and publications.

fast forward to now…no more preschool teaching, not much writing, but lots of drawing and painting.  so sheila (wherever you are!) – i’m trying! 🙂

i wanted to share one of my first – and favorite drawings.  it’s a black and white heart, done with a Sharpie permanent marker.  i LOVE drawing with Sharpies – i never start with pencils.  just straight on with Sharpies.  love the details you can create with them.

i always drew only in black and white.  loved the contrast and boldness of it.  then – surprising myself – i started experimenting with colors.  i started making copies of my black and white drawing and coloring them in with markers (the heart on the bottom left side).  i wasn’t sure i liked it at first, but i kept going.

the heart painting on the right side may be the first colored painting i ever did (i think it was around 2004?).  until then i’d focused on drawing with either black Sharpies or colored markers.

i now paint mainly in color and lately have found myself missing working in black and white.  so i’ve been drawing a LOT lately.  just me and a black marker.  on anything i can get my hands on – sketchbooks, manila folders, napkins, junk mail.

i feel like i’ve gone back to my roots.  i’m doodling and i’m loving it!

hello… :)


i did it.  i entered the world of blogging.  been thinking about it for a looooong time.  so – why am i here?  let me introduce myself… 🙂

i’m susie.  i taught preschool for…well, let’s just say it was many many years.  i loved it.  really loved it.  for years.  i wouldn’t have stayed if i hadn’t.  but people and circumstances change…

i made the hard decision, fully supported by my husband (he’s pretty awesome!) to quit my full-time lead teacher position and become a full-time artist.  yeah, i know.  crazy.

so here i am, no longer making a regular income, but i’ve never been happier.  so where’s my “studio”?  my husband will tell you it’s everywhere – in the living room, the dining room, the storage room we call “the office”…and he’s right.

with this blog, i’ll be sharing my interests: art, writing, photography, and anything else i think is cool.  i hope you’ll find something in there to keep your interest too!

my name is susie c.  welcome to my blog.  🙂