Changes all around…

It’s been awhile – how are you doing? My last post was in March, at the beginning of this present reality that is Covid-19. Since then, life around here has changed. My husband is working from home now, which meant the room we were turning into a guest room is currently his office. Living is a small house has made this a bit tricky, but I think we’re doing the best we can.

I also closed my Etsy shops, a move meant to be temporary at first, but I have to honestly say, I don’t miss running the shops. Having been caregiver to my mother-in-law for the last few years of her life meant I couldn’t give the shops the attention needed for them to be truly successful and thriving. Now that my shops have been closed almost three months, I really do not miss Etsy. I’m trying to decide if I will reopen my shops, if only to sell off the inventory I still have.

As for creating any new art…my creative outlet currently consists of art journaling, usually late at night when the house is quiet and I’m alone. I haven’t had the urge to pull out a canvas and paint anything new for a looong time now…I’m not sure if it will ever come back. Life has been full of ups and downs the last few years and it seems to have taken a toll on my artistic endeavors.

I find my creative muse recently pushing me towards home decor and design, something I’ve always enjoyed as a hobby, ever since I first moved out of my parents’ home to a place of my own. I loved decorating my space to reflect me, with all my favorite colors, textures, and scents (I remember a friend once mentioning that my place always smelled so good). I was so proud when visitors would say how cool my place was – a perfect reflection of me. It really was my sanctuary and I reveled in creating it.

Our bedroom got a makeover during quarantine (look at that tiny closet!)…

This small house I currently live in with Lawrence, my husband, has gone through quite a bit of change in that last few months. As I think I’ve said in a previous post, this was his childhood home. Now it is ours. But I never felt like it was my home, although he’s always insisted I shouldn’t feel that way. We have lived here together for about five years now, but there were other family members here also. There’s too much family history to go into here, and since it’s not only my story to tell, I won’t. I will say that Lawrence and I have lived here alone for only 14 months. It’s only in these past couple of months (yes – only these past TWO months!) have I started to feel like maybe this could be my home too. I’m once again finding pleasure in updating rooms with paint and textiles, lighting candles and diffusing oils, and having plants in every room possible for a touch of green and freshness. New life is being brought into this house, and it’s bringing me such joy…

What does all the mean for this blog space? I’m not sure. I do know that I won’t be creating art just for the sake of creating something to post. I do have plans to create new pieces for this house, not to sell, and I’ll be sharing those here. I’ll be sharing home projects and updates – big and small, indoors and outdoors – most on a budget. I love using items I already have or repurposing and updating old items and giving them new purpose (hello spray paint!). I’ll also be sharing my obsession with plants, which brought me much solace during times of not-so-good days.

I hope you’ll stay for the ride. Let’s see how this new space unfolds…❤️


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