around here…

Hey! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?! Well, I’m back, giving this blogging thing a try again…

The first couple of months of this new year, I haven’t created much new art. I did have someone find me through Etsy and commission me to create a special Virgen de Guadalupe nicho in memory of her grandmother. She wanted a piece she could put at a gravesite, so she needed it to be small and waterproof, if possible. I was happy to oblige, and even happier that she loved it!

Virgen de Guadalupe nicho by Susie Carranza Studio

I’ve been pretty busy on home stuff right now. We finally have an extra room in this small house (yay!) and we’re making it into an office and workspace. So – I’ve been getting lost down Pinterest rabbit holes getting ideas and inspiration.

I’ve also been spending much more time outside. With all the heaviness of the holidays (my mom was in the hospital and ended up having risky surgery…something for another blog post…) I rediscovered how therapeutic it is to weed, plant, and care for a garden. Fingers crossed all grows well!

From the garden: beauty in every stage - susie carranza studioWhite rose among the weeds - susie carranza studioBees buzzing in the lavender - susie carranza studioGrapefruit tree is outta control! - susie carranza studio

I hope 2018 has been treating you awesomely. I’ll be back soon sharing some home projects, garden photos – and hopefully new art!

Til next time…


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