around here…

Hello February! Today’s a beautiful rainy day in Southern California, so I can’t take good photos today of the artwork I’ve been working on. Instead I’m sharing photographs of my past few weeks. With everything going on in the world right now, it’s hard to see the beauty in front of us sometimes. So this is my way of sharing some things that have inspired me. Hope you enjoy them!

Recent collage page - finding my voice! susie carranza studio

recent collage page…feeling inspired to find my voice!

my string of pearls is doing well - yay! susie carranza studio

my string of pearls is doing well – yay!

lots of painting happening...susie carranza studio

lots of painting happening – here’s a peek…

lessons from a tea bag - susie carranza studio

preach, tea bag…

wise words from Kurt Vonnegut - susie carranza studio

I think the world needs more of this…

roses are beautiful in every stage - susie carranza studio

had to snap this beauty…

old dream catcher - susie carranza studio

I love this dream catcher- it’s been hanging in my in-laws’ yard for as long as I can remember…

between rainfalls...susie carranza studio

shot this in between rainfalls. don’t know if it’s weed or plant, but I think it’s pretty!

new paintings in progress - susie carranza studio

new paintings in progress…


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