not again… AGAIN. 

The world is terrifying and ugly and cold sometimes.

Today is one of them.

Again. 💔

not again... AGAIN. another senseless tragedy. - susie carranza studio
not again... AGAIN. another senseless tragedy. - susie carranza studio


first day of fall…!

Fall is here! I love fall – it’s my favorite season. Love the cooler weather, the changing colors of leaves, even fall fashion. Today fall 2017 introduced itself with a somewhat chilly morning – a comfortably cool 62 degrees.  I … Continue reading

a peek inside my August art journal pages…

Just sharing a handful of pics from last month’s art journals. I didn’t do as much journaling as I would have liked. I’ll have more to share this month! It’s the season for Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos projects … Continue reading

troubling times…

troubling times...-susie carranza studio

I couldn’t come up with a good title for this post. “troubling times” almost sounds like I’m trivializing the recent events of the world, but I’m at a loss for the right words… Last week, November 8th, was Election Day … Continue reading


I love autumn! The cooler weather (well – cooler for Southern California), the changing colors of the leaves, fall fashion…love it all…

Today autumn found me feeling restless. I’m feeling the urge to go somewhere, be somewhere…

I know that might not make sense. Life is rough sometimes, and lately I’ve been feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, like I’m just going through my responsibilities almost robotically…

Anybody out there understand what I mean?

Autumn is here... - susie carranza studio

Autumn by Susie Carranza