2020. WTH is going on…?!

2020 goals - art journal page by Susie Carranza first art journal page of 2020

So I started a blog post to re-enter the blogging world…then Coronavirus happened. Out went that blog post draft.

Life as we know it is gone. Our governor here in California yesterday issued a statewide mandatory STAY HOME order. I’m glad he did. It will hopefully help keep more people safe and virus-free. Some people seem to not understand that “it’s not about you”. It’s about not being a carrier and infecting someone you care about: high risk individuals, such as the elderly, people with chronic conditions, and those with compromised immune systems. All businesses except those that are “life-sustaining” are to shut down immediately.

How are you all coping with “social distancing” during the time of COVID-19? As an natural introvert, it really hasn’t affected me in the sense that I’m okay being home. I know how to keep busy. There’s been lots of art journaling, some home organization, and a growing list of home decor projects I’d like to tackle. My husband was home this week getting over a cold, but since he works at a bank, he’s exempt from our state’s stay home mandate and may have to return to work Monday. The hardest part has been not interacting with my parents like we did before – on Tuesday, we dropped off groceries and left quickly, no visiting, no hugs or kisses. It’s also been very hard on my mom for the same reasons.

art journal pages, March 2020art journal pages, March 2020

I’m glad I follow some really cool people on social media! My feed on instagram is full of people doing dance parties with their kids and, sometimes, a spouse joins in. Lots of artists are sharing free online art classes, tips, and inspiration. There are a lot of home decor challenges and projects going down (I’m planning on joining as soon as I settle on where to start!).

But you know what? It’s also okay NOT to have a plan. Not to delve into a new project. It’s okay to watch movies, eat good food, and just take care of yourselves at home in whatever way works for you. Just remember this isn’t permanent. Things will change again.

Be safe. Keep sane. Virtual hugs to you all. We’re all going through this together.

I’ll be back…sharing artsy things…maybe some home decor things…who knows…?

Stay tuned.

art journal pages, March 2020


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