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my parents' beautiful nativity set - susie carranza studio

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The Art of Emily Costello…

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check out ABC Family’s “The Fosters” next Monday!

papel picado

papel picado

i’m so excited that i can FINALLY share my news! remember this post from May: “opportunity knocked – we answered!“?! well, i can now tell you that this coming Monday – August 11, 2014 – you can see our artwork (‘our’ being my husband Lawrence and me) on an all new episode of “The Fosters”, on ABC Family!

i’m very grateful we had the opportunity to do this. as i wrote in the previously mentioned blog post, Lawrence was very surprised that i applied for this. to be honest, i had initially thought about NOT mentioning it to him, and not doing anything about it. i’m so glad i didn’t go with my gut reaction this time!

set life was like nothing i’ve ever experienced: it’s hurryhurryhurry, set up your space (we were to set up a 10′ X 10′ booth as we would for an art show), then wait until we were needed. one day they didn’t film near our booth at all, so we got to roam the set location (out of the way of the cameras, of course!) and watch all the action strictly as spectators. luckily, we were allowed to leave our setup for the whole week, as opposed to taking down and setting up again each day. it was really interesting to watch filming, see how the cast and crew worked together (they all seemed to get along great), chat with all the extras and hear about their experiences on different jobs – AND we got to enjoy some of the most delicious food too! the catering company for this job was awesome – we couldn’t wait to see what we were being offered each day!

i got to personally meet artists whose work i’d admired for quite some time, hang out with them a bit – even discussed the world of art and blogging.

i heard that the episode would air August 11th, but August kind of snuck up on me. it wasn’t until earlier this week when our niece texted Lawrence a picture of the preview for next Monday’s episode of “The Fosters” that we realized ‘our’ episode was here! 🙂 we were so excited!!! i mean, we would have never thought that we’d have the chance to have our work exposed on television to so many people!

i’m sharing this photo from “The Fosters” facebook page.  it’s actually a photo of the preview video for next week’s episode, showing our booth and some of our work in the background…

The Fosters preview, with our art in background

To learn more about “The Fosters”, check out their official page at ABC Family. and maybe you’ll check out the episode next Monday. if you do, let me know what you think!

’til next time…

instagram pics…

some recent images i shared on my instagram account…

new mixed media piece: "Flower Heart", available in my Etsy shop

new mixed media piece: “Flower Heart”, available in my Etsy shop

new paper mache hearts added to our website www.ArtedeNuestroCorazon.com

new paper mache hearts added to our website http://www.ArtedeNuestroCorazon.com

items available in Lawrence's Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/LawrenceAguilar

items available in Lawrence’s Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/LawrenceAguilar

one of my favorite instagram pages! makeblackoutpoetry

one of my favorite instagram pages! makeblackoutpoetry

was having one of those days...then my sister Lulu shows up with this. <3

was having one of those days…then my sister Lulu shows up with this. ❤

source unknown (if any one knows the source of this, please let me know!)

source unknown (if any one knows the source of this, please let me know!)

Saturday date night: Home Depot! (love these zinnias!)

Saturday date night: Home Depot! 🙂 (love these zinnias!)

page from my sketchbook...

page from my sketchbook…

that’s all for now! don’t forget to check into my Etsy shops – i’ve been adding items to both stores!

Etsy art shop: Susie Carranza Studio

Etsy supply shop: Susie’s This & That – LOTS of new miniatures being added to the shop!

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check out my husband’s new Etsy shop!

hey again…

after the experience we had a few weeks back (remember my last blog post? opportunity knocked – we answered!) i think my husband was inspired to get back to creating more work – and he decided to open HIS own Etsy shop!

his shop opened this week; he only has a few pieces, but each one is unique, mixed media in style, and if i say so myself – very cool.

here are some pieces created by Lawrence. let me know what you think – and then head over to his Etsy shop, Art by Lawrence Aguilar. it’s still in the very beginning stages, but we’re working on it…and remember, Lawrence also has work available at our website Arte de Nuestro Corazon.

who knows, one of you reading this may be his first Etsy customer! 😉

’til next time…

angel shrine, Lawrence Aguilar"La Dona" by Lawrence AguilarDOD mixed media cross, Lawrence Aguilarmosaic cross by Lawrence Aguilarmosaic cross by Lawrence Aguilar"El Jefito", Lawrence Aguilar"El Jefe Musico", Lawrence Aguilar


healing power of art…

Angel Shrine by Lawrence Aguilar

it’s no secret that 2013 has been rough for us.  end of last year – we were buying a house.  right now – we are living in my parents’ home since the sale fell through.  then – we had planned to live near both sets of parents.  right now – lawrence’s dad passed away unexpectedly a month ago.  we have been dealing with the unexpected happenings as best we can.

which, sometimes, isn’t too well…

like it or not, life does go on and you have to deal with things or stay where you are.  last night, lawrence and i finally allowed ourselves to talk about possible future plans.  one of the highlights for me was that he said he wants to start creating art pieces again.

On the “About Us” page on our website at Arte de Nuestro Corazon, this is what is says about Lawrence:

Lawrence Aguilar is new to art. He was introduced to the art world by his wife Susie Carranza. Lawrence prefers painting on wood and clay. He also enjoys working in mixed media.

Not much information, right?  truth is my husband has a full-time job, with a full-time income which allows me to work from home.  he doesn’t have the time to create that i do.  but when he does, he creates beautiful work.

i first saw what my husband could do at CJ’s Angels, an awesome shop in La Verne owned by the Armas family.*  we signed up for a Day of the Dead workshop – making your own “muertito” (small day of the dead figure).  it was a big step for me – i very much consider myself an introvert, and signing up for a craft class with individuals i did not know, at a business we’d never visited, was a bit overwhelming for me.  lawrence signed up with me for support.

little did we know he’d love it.   i’m sitting there obsessing over my muertito, and when i turn to see what lawrence is up to i see that his piece is awesome!

since then he’s created beautiful works of art, (and sold several) like the angel shrine at the start of this post.  i love that he often uses recycled & reclaimed items: the gorgeous angel piece is a clay figure that had broken off of a Nativity set.  he combined that with a wood nicho (shrine), small clay tiles, and paint, and created a unique piece of new art.

here are a few other pieces done by Lawrence. the cross pieces were also done at workshops we attended at CJ’s Angels.  again, for the larger cross, he recycled clay pieces from broken Day of the Dead figures.  (the clay pieces were available for any of us at the workshop to use.  we’ve learned a lot from the Armas family about recycling pieces and using what you have when creating original work!)

some of Lawrence's mixed media work...

some of Lawrence’s mixed media work…

back to last night’s conversation: i was so glad to hear that Lawrence was ready to start creating new work because it really is true that art helps the healing process.  no, it will not take away the pain of losing someone so important in your life.  but there is an emotional release to breaking clay pieces, hammering pieces of wood, brushing gorgeous colors of paint onto a surface, creating something unique and beautiful out of random items and a few supplies…it’s hard to explain it if you haven’t experienced the process yourself.  but it really does help.

when it came to my work, my father in law was a big supporter.  i know he’d highly approve of his son getting back to his creative work.


*CJ’s Angels deserves a blog post of its own, so look for it in the near future.  You can check out their website at CJ’s Angels.  lawrence and i have become very close friends with the Armas family – Jose, Annette, and Theresa.  that friendship led to our business venture:  Arte de Nuestro Corazon.