check out my husband’s new Etsy shop!

hey again…

after the experience we had a few weeks back (remember my last blog post? opportunity knocked – we answered!) i think my husband was inspired to get back to creating more work – and he decided to open HIS own Etsy shop!

his shop opened this week; he only has a few pieces, but each one is unique, mixed media in style, and if i say so myself – very cool.

here are some pieces created by Lawrence. let me know what you think – and then head over to his Etsy shop, Art by Lawrence Aguilar. it’s still in the very beginning stages, but we’re working on it…and remember, Lawrence also has work available at our website Arte de Nuestro Corazon.

who knows, one of you reading this may be his first Etsy customer! 😉

’til next time…

angel shrine, Lawrence Aguilar"La Dona" by Lawrence AguilarDOD mixed media cross, Lawrence Aguilarmosaic cross by Lawrence Aguilarmosaic cross by Lawrence Aguilar"El Jefito", Lawrence Aguilar"El Jefe Musico", Lawrence Aguilar