troubling times…

troubling times...-susie carranza studio

I couldn’t come up with a good title for this post. “troubling times” almost sounds like I’m trivializing the recent events of the world, but I’m at a loss for the right words…

Last week, November 8th, was Election Day here in the United States. And I don’t have to tell you the results.

I couldn’t believe it.

In the following days my social media feeds were – and continue to be – filled with the stories of people being harassed and attacked for who they are. The common thread? They’re being told that this is “white America” now.

“Go back to __________!”

We now have as president-elect a man with NO (ZERO!) experience in politics, who is now building his ‘team’ with individuals who are known racists and white supremacists. These are the people who will be “advising” him during his term. (I shudder at the thought…)

It hurt me to see our first black President having to welcome his successor to the White House.

Our first black President sitting next to the man supported by the KKK.

Again…there are no words.

Yesterday I spent an awesome day with most of my family members in an early celebration of my mom’s birthday. Lawrence and I arrived with a big bouquet of flowers for my mom. When one of my brothers saw it, he said, “Aw, thanks. Just what I needed after this week…”

I got it. We made eye contact and I felt what he felt…I’m still feeling what I’m sure he’s still feeling. He has four children – what kind of world will my beautifully unique Mexican-American nieces and nephews be living in for the next four years? (I’m blessed with sixteen nieces and nephews.) He mentioned that after the election, there was an obvious…somberness? in the people around him. On the train, at work, people’s moods were obviously affected. Lawrence mentioned the same thing.

As I laughed and conversed with my large familia, I couldn’t help worrying if (how? when?) they would be signaled out for who they are. I worry about my parents, feeling anger at the thought of anyone disrespecting them for who they are.



No words…

‘Til next time.

Be safe.

Stay strong.



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