revisiting an old painting (or – art therapy)…

I started 2016 with the intention of seeing more of the positive in my life, less of the negative. Being human, I haven’t been perfect at it but I haven’t done too badly!

Then about a week ago I got very angry. I’ll spare the details because it involves family members and, well – it’s personal and a long story. It’s enough to say that I was made very angry and got my feelings hurt. The next day I was still upset and I decided I needed to paint it out.

It was that or smack someone who needed smacking.

I dug out a big canvas that I painted a few years back. Ironically, this painting was created years ago to help me deal with another difficult time – finding out my sister had cancer. (Thankfully she’s fine now!) 

This is the way I left the painting a few years ago. I never felt it was finished; it was about the process for me (art therapy!), not a product.

So – I needed to paint and I needed it bad. I decided to add bold punches to this piece – especially touches of black without taking away from the bright colors…

I added even more huge flowers and more layers of color…

I’m really liking it. Before I added to it, my husband wanted to hang it in our bedroom but I wasn’t feeling it. Now I think it will look great on our blue walls.

I’m really lucky I have a creative outlet when life gets rough. Both times I worked on this large canvas was because things were hard. I was able to refocus my energy to this art piece. An added plus – I hadn’t been painting for a few weeks now, but pulling out this canvas has had me working on it a little every day for the past week.  

revisiting an old painting (art therapy) - susie carranza studio
I’ll hang it in our bedroom sometime this week…although I’ll probably still take it down every now and then to add to it…

Sometimes a piece of art is never down!

So tell me – what do you do when life gets tough? What creative outlets, if any, do you have?

‘Til next time…


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