starting 2016 inspired…

This new year – dare I say it? – feels pretty good so far.

All over social media you see the usual beginning-of-year articles, posts, memes, etc. dealing with new year resolutions. Personally, I stopped doing resolutions a few years ago. I think I just set myself up for failure every time:

This year I’m going to do more art shows!

This year I’ll be more social!

This year I’m losing a bunch of weight!

This year I’m going to…(fill in the blank)!

At the end of the year I’d be asking myself “What happened to the year?!”.

This year I set monthly goals, both for myself, my business, the home I’m currently in, and my relationship. No pressure, no year long resolution(s), but things I want to focus on and accomplish every month. It may be as simple as: for the month of January, I will finally get the shared living/dining room straightened out! (This room also serves as workspace and storage for my artwork. Did I mention this is a small house?!) It may be a goal that I hope to end up being a lifestyle change, such as: this month I will increase my daily physical activity (walking, dancing, gardening, etc.).

I like the idea of monthly goals, not only setting resolutions when a new year starts. And I’m feeling strangely…optimistic? Determined? Whatever it is, I feel like I’m in a good place.

Another goal (mentioned on my Instagram feed today) is that – no matter what’s going on in my personal life – I will do something creative every day. Painting, drawing, beading, watching art tutorials online…whatever it is. It will be creative. And it will be EVERY day. I’ve been accomplishing this by drawing every night while watching tv in bed. It’s become a routine I’m really enjoying.

I spent the earlier part of today going through a few binders filled with older drawings of mine. I started out doodling with Sharpies and loved it. Just a black Sharpie on any surface I could, anywhere I could: napkins, paper, cardboard, wood, canvases…

Looking at these older drawings reminded of how much I enjoyed drawing, and it inspired me to create new art pieces. I’m starting tonight – stay tuned!

Here’s a peek at two drawings that inspired me, and some really cool frames I just got this week that I’ll be putting to good use…

Close up of detailed drawing by susie carranza studio

I love big, bold, detailed drawings, with lots of hidden imagery…

I love to write! I used to combine my poetry and drawings to create original art pieces - something I'd like to do again...

I love to write! I used to combine my poetry and drawings to create original art pieces – something I’d like to do again…

Pretty wood frames ready to be embellished- susie carranza studio

I can't wait to put these pretty wood frames to good use!

I can’t wait to put these pretty wood frames to good use!

‘Til next time…


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