trying to get back to work…

since lawrence’s dad (my father-in-law) passed away  life seems to have…stalled.  it’s already going to be one month that we lost him (on the 15th) yet it still seems unreal.

so…this week i’m making a conscious effort to do something creative (art therapy?) so i’ve been going through our packed boxes looking for my art supplies.  so far, not bad: found my boxes of acrylic paints and my box of wood pieces, so i can hopefully have new work to share really soon.

yesterday, my creative endeavor was to photograph textures found outside.  i enjoyed it; it was a very warm day, and i’d been sort of hibernating inside lately.  i liked all the textures i found around my parents’ yard (i even included Canela, our dog).

i was hoping this would spark some idea or light a fire in my artistic brain…


…and it did. it gave me the itch to work on some mixed media pieces.  i’ll be starting with the large green heart in the photo below (seems like i painted it eons ago, with watered down lime green acrylic paint).


i have been busy listing sets of cards in my Etsy shop – each set includes 3 greeting cards, blank inside, with images of my original artwork on the cover.  take a look and let me know what you think!  Below is the “Flowers” set; click my shop link below to see the other sets…


’til next time…


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