rose from my garden

the past several weeks have been filled with excitement, frustration, laughs, and anger.  as mentioned in an earlier post, my husband and i are trying to buy our first house.  for all of our seven years of marriage we’ve rented houses, and though i think we did a great job of making them our homes for the time we lived in them, we are SO looking forward to owning our own house.

but it sucks when you have to deal with individuals who have a much different sense of doing business, different ethics, and different goals.  i won’t go into detail until this whole ordeal is over, but i will just tell you that the selling agent is lucky my husband and i haven’t met him in person…

anyway, i’m stuck in a vicious cycle of “we need to pack!” and “wait, this might not work out!” and back to “we need to pack!”…you get the idea, right?   this week i spent packing away my beloved art supplies, to hopefully be opened again soon in our new home (fingers crossed!!!).  my mom spent a couple of days with us and i got more done with her here than i have in weeks!

i am keeping my sketch pad handy, so i’ve been drawing lots with my awesome Faber-Castell PITT artist pens.  i thought nothing could be better than drawing with my dear Sharpies, but i am LOVING these artist pens!

i’ll share photos soon of my drawings, but in the meantime keep sending prayers, positive thoughts, energy, light, whatever-good-stuff-you’re-into, our way please!!!