new in shop! original drawings for sale…

Just  added three all NEW pieces to my Etsy art shop! (Finally…!)

Three black ink drawings, done with Micron pens on white drawing paper. Each one comes framed in these beautiful wood frames that I handpainted to go with each piece. Hope you like them!

"My Favorite Cup" - original drawing by Susie Carranza

“My Favorite Cup” ©Susie Carranza

“My Favorite Cup” is my homage to coffee (but it can also be for tea, if that’s more your style!) It features a whimsical sunflower cup, with swirling steam rising above, including a heart, done in a bright, contrasting red. “My Favorite Cup” comes in a handpainted black wood frame.

"My Bold Heart" - original drawing by Susie Carranza

“My Bold Heart” ©Susie Carranza

“My Bold Heart” is a whimsically bold heart drawing, filled with detailed images of flowers, a watchful sun, stars, and a butterfly. “My Bold Heart” comes in a gorgeous red wood frame.

"Hummingbird" - original drawing by Susie Carranza

“Hummingbird” ©Susie Carranza

“Hummingbird” features a hummingbird in flight. (I love these little guys. I’ve spent lots of time watching them with my parents in their garden, in our garden…I believe they’re really special creatures.) This piece comes framed in this beautiful turquoise frame.

For complete information – or to give one of these originals a home! – please visit my Etsy art shop.

‘Til next time…


I also have a second Etsy shop – Susie’s This & That – for destashing art and craft supplies. If you’re a creative, make sure to check it out! I have jewelry supplies, buttons, Dia de Los Muertos fabric, Mexican milagros, miniatures, and SO much more…


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