winter around here…

i’ve been seeing SO many beautiful photos all over instagram and facebook of snow storms and snowy landscapes! i’m a bit jealous, since we never get snow around here – i don’t remember it ever snowing in my lifetime.

i was outside the other day checking out the cactus plants, when i got the idea for this blog post. so here i am sharing OUR winter here in sunny California – enjoy!

flowering cactuspotted fuschiawhite geranium flowering potato bushpotted succulentwhite flowerpotted purple beautybougainvilleame and my shadowyup, winter around here right now is flip flop weather!

’til next time…





2 thoughts on “winter around here…

  1. What a gorgeous collection of photographs – they have brightened up a very dull morning for me. I love the little white flower with the three pointed centre – never seen anything like that before – it’s delightful. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier -your kind comments are very much appreciated.

    • thank you for checking out my blog, diana! i’m glad my photos could brighten your day. yes, that white flower is so pretty; i tried finding out its name with no success…
      and i love your blog – it has everything i love: art with lots of color and texture. i’m a new follower! 🙂

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