inside my sketchbook…

i’ve been using my sketchbooks more and more lately, and really enjoying it. it’s part of my “create every day” goal for 2014. when days around here are so busy that i haven’t picked up a paintbrush all day, i love to sit late at night (when the rest of the familia sleeps) and draw in one of my sketchbooks.


i find myself using words and phrases so much more now, like this drawing from a couple of nights ago, “live a colorful life”. i drew it very late one night and left it to be colored in next chance i got..

…and i LOVE the results!

liveacolorfullife_WIP2.21.14this work-in-progress photo was posted on my instagram page (one of my “good morning!” posts)…



i love working with colored pencils; i think they offer such great texture and layers to a piece…


like i said, i love how this came out! the flowers are a little bit different than my usual flowers, and the colors are bold and vivid – perfect for my handwritten phrase.

even my father, a man of very few words, asked me “why don’t you paint this larger and sell it?”

and i plan on doing just that, maybe on a 12 X 12 inch canvas. i am also recreating something similar on a canvas tote bag; stay tuned to see how that works out!

so – what’s in your sketchbook?

’til next time…


where else can you find me?





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