a peek inside my drawing pad…


Enjoy doing these little round drawings - susie carranza studio

March 18, 2016. I enjoy making these little round drawings…

Small heart drawings - susie carranza studio

April 18, 2016. I also like making grids for small drawings…

Rest in peace, sweet Prince- susie carranza studio

April 21, 2016. My Instagram post in honor of Prince…

Love my Balzer Bits hand stencil! - susie carranza studio

May 1, 2016. Love this Balzer Bits hand stencil!

Hello June - susie carranza studio

June 1, 2016. Can’t believe I drew this two months ago!

My hands... - susie carranza studio

July 14, 2016. I’ve had a thing with hands lately…

black and white tree drawing... - susie carranza studio

August 12, 2016. My most recent completed drawing…

I love drawing. Late at night when everyone’s asleep is the best time for me – it’s quiet, it’s just me and my drawing pad, pens/pencils of choice, and uninterrupted creative time.

I have been painting, but it’s been for the house. Lawrence and I have done SO much to his childhood home, but his mom’s nursing home fees really bit into our funds. So lately we’ve focused on decor items, which found me repainting all sorts of stuff: mirrors, frames, planters, even pillows! (Stay tuned for a home decor post…)

Don’t forget to find me elsewhere online! You can see (and purchase!) my work at my Etsy shop – Susie Carranza Studio. If you’re creative yourself, check out Susie’s This & That – my second Etsy shop where I sell lots of art and craft supplies. I’ve been adding lots of items perfect for Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos!

That’s all for now. ‘Til next time…





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