art therapy is real…

the term “art therapy” and “art saves” is used quite often, or at least it is in the blogs and Facebook pages I follow. I think after certain words or phrases are used toooo often they lose their original meaning. but I can tell you that there really is such a thing as art therapy – and I don’t need a licensed ” therapist” to experience it!

today my plans suddenly changed, and I found my Sunday being free. I was initially disappointed, upset, and felt very much alone…

so what did I do? I art-ed (is that a word?!) of course!

pulled out the largest canvases I currently own (only 11″ X 14″; they’ll have to do), got my most thrashed paintbrush and got to painting…

prepping canvases - susie carranza studio

prepping canvas (music book pages) - susie carranza studio

red paint - susie carranza studioart therapy (WIP) - susie carranza studio

art therapy - susie carranza studio

tissue paper circles - susie carranza studio

art therapy (WIP) - susie carranza studio

art therapy (red & black canvas) - susie carranza studio

…and you know what? it was just what I needed. I can’t control what happens around me, but there’s something about dragging paint around a canvas, ripping up book pages and gluing them down with no plan in mind, spilling drops of paint and creating pools of color – it just feels good.

now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some canvases waiting for me…

’til next time…



2 thoughts on “art therapy is real…

  1. Oh how I understand the feel of ripping paper and gluing down. It’s one of my favorite things. It takes the mind off everything else. I too am a believer in art therapy. It really does work. I love how you turned a negative in your day into a positive. And your backgrounds are pretty awesome too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at The Studio. I enjoyed reading your blog.

    • thank you for your comment, terry! and yes, after ripping and gluing and painting – my mood definitely lifted. you’re right, it takes the mind off everything! 😉
      thanks so much for visiting from The Studio! ❤️

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