peek into my sketchbook…

happy october everyone – my favorite month! LOVE the cooling temperatures, the changing leaves, Halloween – everything!

so, i’ve always doodled. when i worked a ‘regular’ job i doodled during staff meetings, i doodled on napkins at meal times (and still do!), i doodled while on the phone…but i never really kept a sketchbook. you know, one book where i sketched out ideas. i doodled everywhere anyway, and i never sketch out a painting before i paint it, so i guess i never saw the need.

well, this past june my husband took me to Dick Blick Art Store in Pasadena for some birthday shopping. i went to just buy a Gelli plate but came home with more. you know how that happens, right? (you can check out some photos from my first time using the Gelli plate here – playing with my Gelli Plate.)

so, along with my new Gelli plate, i got some Jacquard Textile paints (which i was very excited about but haven’t used yet), a roll-up pouch for brushes & drawing supplies, and a sketchbook. and i’m enjoying it. i haven’t done alot in it yet, but i really love drawing/painting in it late at night, when everyone’s asleep and it’s quiet.

here’s a peek at a few things i’ve been doing. please forgive the not-so-good pictures; the lighting here hasn’t been great for photo taking…

blue and orange brush strokes

colored pencil heart

autumn paint colors

turquoise black circles on gold

snakes making a heart

so tell me – do you use a sketchbook?


2 thoughts on “peek into my sketchbook…

  1. Your sketchbook is off to a great start, Susie. I clicked on the Jacquard Textile Paints link because I’d never heard of them. Can you use those on your gelli plate? I wondered if you were planning to print on some muslin or fabric. I’d love to see how they turn out, if so. :0)

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