i’m off to cruise and craft…

today i head out to Long Beach, CA to board a Carnival ship – aptly titled “Inspiration” – for this year’s Crafty Chica Art Cruise!  i’ve never been and i’m looking forward to doing lots of art-ing, crafting,  and meeting lots of new people – especially facebook friends i haven’t yet met in real life!  i’ve heard awesome things about this cruise but never thought i’d be going on one…

i’ll have lots to share later, including how i got lucky enough to go on this cruise, and LOTS of photos, but for now, if you want some background on the Crafty Chica cruise, check it out at http://craftychicacruise.blogspot.com/p/past-cruises.html

i leave you with one of my new black and white drawings.  i’m happy to say i’ve been drawing SO much again!  i’m back to doing what i love and what comes naturally to me.  last week was a creative week, just me + my black Sharpies + white cardstock.

there really is such satisfaction in doing what you love…



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