when i started blogging i told myself i’d be good about posting regularly.

hmm…does every 2 weeks (or so) count?

anyway, it’s been really busy around here, in my personal life.  i posted early on that my husband and i were hoping to buy our first house.  well, it looks like we’re well on our way!  if all goes smoothly, we should be in our new – own! – house by the time the new year starts.  (can’t believe there’s a new year around the corner!)  i don’t want to jinx it by sharing too much, but it’s very exciting – please send positive vibes & prayers our way!

i’m having a great time tormenting the husband about what i’ll be able to do when we move into our own home.  i’m pretty sure the scariest thing (for him) is that i want to draw a huge wall mural with my beloved black Sharpies.  i CAN’T WAIT.  seriously.  i can’t wait to have our own home where we can the rooms any color we want, create a garden however we want, and answer to no one but ourselves.  yay!

i have been trying to stock more items to the Etsy shops – both the art shop and the supply shop.  i hope you’ll check them both out and consider doing some holiday shopping with me!  you’ll be getting 100% handmade and unique work.

Etsy art shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/asucarr

Etsy supply shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/susiecarranza

remember, you can also find my work on the website we share with 3 other artists – www.artedenuestrocorazon.com.  you’ll find beautiful Mexican folk art, Day of the Dead art, stationary items, beaded jewelry, and so much more.

until next time…


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