my own art space…!

In my last post earlier this month, I mentioned that it’s been very busy around here. Lawrence has been focusing on breathing new, fresh life into his childhood home, and May was all about the outdoor space. A new patio space and carport was built, new walkways, and…AN ART SHED/STUDIO!

Sorry for yelling, but if you knew my life here, you’d understand that this is a BIG deal for me. We live in a small three bedroom house with a combined living and dining room, one bathroom, and NO extra room/space. It’s been at times frustrating, at times maddening, trying to find space and privacy to be alone with my art supplies and get creative. I won’t get into specifics, but it got so bad at times that I was getting depressed and tempted to give up on my creative side.

Well, things are looking up!

I now have an 8 ft x 10 ft art shed. It’s beautiful, with a pitched roof and three windows. We had the inside painted white but had them leave the outside to me. I can’t wait to do something fun and colorful on the outside!

I’ve started moving in – got a shelving unit, some drawer units, and a temporary work table until Lawrence and I built a permanent work space. I can’t wait to fill it up with all my art supplies, decorate, and get to creating…!


Stay tuned – more photos and updates coming…!


‘Til next time…


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