I’m still here…!

Wow! Been busy with family responsibilities, working on Larry’s childhood home, STILL trying to move all our belongings in and unpacking boxes…

then I realize it’s been over TWO months since I’ve blogged. :/

Bad Susie.

I’m still around. Just preoccupied. But I have been making time to go back to my first love – drawing. I love creating swirls and spirals, detailed imagery (flowers, suns, snakes, eyes, hearts…), big bold strokes…letting anything and everything flow onto simple white paper…

Here are my two most recent sketchbook pages – one finished, one not.

"feeling the blues" ©susie carranza studio July 1, 2015

“feeling the blues”
©susie carranza studio
July 1, 2015

"feeling red" (in progress) ©susie carranza studio July 2015

“feeling red” (in progress)
©susie carranza studio
July 2015


2 thoughts on “I’m still here…!

  1. Hi Susie!

    Mama always said it is better to wear out than rust out, so I’ll congratulate you on her behalf for following the noble path.

    Recently the benefits of adult coloring books have been all over the news. I’d buy a copy of “feeling the blues” and companion pieces to see what soothing benefits coloring would bring to me.



    • Hi Mar! Thank you for commenting!
      Love Mama’s words – I’ll have to remember them. And I love the idea of adult coloring books, since I find coloring to be so relaxing, therapeutic even. I really love the idea of someone taking one of my drawings and coloring it in – I’d love to see the outcome!

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