my sister patty…

it’s Dia de los Muertos time – a time i LOVE. the tradition, the colors, the altars…all the beautiful ways of celebrating the lives of loved ones no longer here on earth.

i  had planned to blog about Dia de los Muertos: share photos from events we planned to attend, share new Dia de los Muertos artwork, create a new altar and share with you…

then, on October 20th, 2013, we unexpectedly lost my sister Patty.

everything stopped.

i closed my Etsy shops indefinitely.  stayed off of Facebook.  retreated.  looked after my parents.

one day i’ll share with you the story of my sister Patty.  she was one of my biggest supporters.  she would go to my Etsy shop without telling me and buy LOTS of items – never asking for a discount, AND paying for shipping. (we live in the same house.)

as my brother Tommy best describes it – “your story is one of redemption, inspiration and love.

me & my sister patty at our old house

me & patty

i miss my sister.  whenever we have our own home and set up our altar once again, and when i’m ready, i’ll have a very special place for her.

rest in peace, patty.



6 thoughts on “my sister patty…

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  2. I am so sorry. I lost my mother a few days ago and I, too, am heartbroken. She was a huge supporter (I am an artist as well) and always wanted to do things to help me in my career. I spent Dia de los Muertos at a huge celebration in Birmingham, AL, and thought to myself, “I am so lucky to have my parents, my children, my husband and my immediate family.” How quickly life can change. Prayers for you and yours, and marigolds, of course!

    • chris, i’m so sorry for your loss. you’re right – how quickly life can change.
      Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful tradition & way of remembering and honoring loved ones. when i’m ready (it’s too soon right now) i will create a special space for my sister patty with special items that remind me of her.
      prayers for you and your family as well, and i hope you find peace and healing soon…♥

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