playing with my Gelli Plate…

i won a Gelli plate on the Crafty Chica Cruise in April and i’ve had so much fun playing with it! i wanted to share some pictures from my first time using it.


i started with gathering up some items i thought would make cool impressions: angel wing die cuts, flower shapes, ribbons, feathers, a piece of tulle, beaded necklace, bubble wrap (my favorite!), and yes – those are the triangular thingies that come with your delivered pizza to keep it from sticking to the box.

then, i just experimented on white cardstock.  my very first print was using bubble wrap with my favorite paint color, Americana Calypso Blue…(click on photos to see larger images.)


my favorite effects were the simplest items: bubble wrap, a simple piece of ribbon, and shapes i hand cut from card stock.



the more i use my Gelli plate, the more possibilities i find.  i can’t wait to start incorporating it into my mixed media pieces!


the size i used here was the 6″ x 6″.  well, this past weekend my husband bought me the next size up – the 8″x 10″ – as an early birthday present.  i can’t wait to use it!


7 thoughts on “playing with my Gelli Plate…

  1. Followed you here from The Studio (Facebook). I recently used my Gelli plate for the first time. It’s great! And is definitely addictive. Have fun! I like the skulls by the way. Very ‘Voudou’! Ann

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