putting it out there…

okay, i’m going to put this out into the universe:

i need to make more sales.  lots.  my husband and i are trying to buy our first house – our OWN house.  makes this an exciting time.  a scary time.  my stomach hurts.  but it makes me more determined to get my work out there and make more sales – through my Etsy shop and through our Arte de Nuestro Corazon website.

we’ve always rented.  and i think we’ve done a great job of making the house we rent our home, as much as one can in a house that does not really belong to them.  but my husband put it best last night: “we work so hard and sacrifice to pay someone else’s mortgage.  it’s time to pay our own and have something to show for it.”

i couldn’t agree more.  i used to think renting was better than owning.  i mean, if something goes wrong or needs fixing, the owner takes care of it, right?  well, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case for us.  and that’s all i’ll say on that matter……

so – universe, the gods above, the powers that be, please make it happen for us.  and for those of you reading this (thank you!) – prayers, positive thoughts & energy, good juju – whatever you’re into, can you send some our way?

and, of course (shameless plug coming…) if you feel like shopping, you can find my work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/asucarr and www.artedenuestrocorazon.com – and i’m doing some serious destashing in my Etsy supply shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/susiecarranza


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