playing with paint…

i’ve been painting.  painting LOTS.  finally!  i’m trying to make more time to paint.  it’s so easy to let myself be caught up in other things – dishes have to be washed, laundry needs to be done, phone calls need to be made, need to post something on my facebook page, gotta work on etsy shop……………yadayadayada..

not this week.  this week i painted.  happily and without guilt.  i finished work left neglected, i found canvases, partially prepped and painted, and created new work.  i painted with no thought to results.  i just enjoyed playing with paint:  brushing, dripping, splattering, mixing.  messy and fun!

i also wrote out a ‘to do’ list for myself that was all creative stuff:  create new canvas work, finish mixed media pieces, hand stitch new fabric ornaments, bead some new bracelets, take new photographs…

how do you find time to do what you love?  is it easy, or do you have to plan for it?  let me know!


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