hello… :)


i did it.  i entered the world of blogging.  been thinking about it for a looooong time.  so – why am i here?  let me introduce myself… 🙂

i’m susie.  i taught preschool for…well, let’s just say it was many many years.  i loved it.  really loved it.  for years.  i wouldn’t have stayed if i hadn’t.  but people and circumstances change…

i made the hard decision, fully supported by my husband (he’s pretty awesome!) to quit my full-time lead teacher position and become a full-time artist.  yeah, i know.  crazy.

so here i am, no longer making a regular income, but i’ve never been happier.  so where’s my “studio”?  my husband will tell you it’s everywhere – in the living room, the dining room, the storage room we call “the office”…and he’s right.

with this blog, i’ll be sharing my interests: art, writing, photography, and anything else i think is cool.  i hope you’ll find something in there to keep your interest too!

my name is susie c.  welcome to my blog.  🙂


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