lots of heart art going on!

just wanted to share some of the heart/love inspired items i have in my Etsy shop

heart art collage

and in our website Arte de Nuestro Corazon

Arte de Nuestro Corazon heart art collage

if you’re a creative soul, i have also been busy adding NEW items to my Etsy supply shop – my 2nd shop for destashing art & craft supplies –

feather butterflies in Etsy supply shop


heart milagro from Etsy supply shop

i had planned on doing a blog post on what i’m currently working on – hand painting canvas tote bags, and more mixed media hearts – but my computer is giving me SO much trouble right now, especially when i’m doing any edits to my photographs.  i’m hoping to get some help working out the kinks very soon…

til next time…

new items for a new year…

i’ve been busy working on my Etsy shop! i created a “SALE” section, to which i’ll be adding certain items at reduced prices. i’ve also been creating new hand painted pieces to add to the shop, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, i’m hoping my new mixed media hearts, with inspirational words and phrases, will find new homes soon…


these hearts were inspired by the art badge i shared in my last post (2014: create every day…). i loved the art badge so much i recreated it onto a paper mache heart (excuse the photo – it’s from my phone)…


…and enjoyed that process so much i wanted to make more! i used recycled papers (tissue papers, Gelli Plate prints, junk mail envelopes, book pages, and more), acrylic paints, stamps, and miniature flowers – i love being able to reuse items i already have.


(another phone pic)….

each heart is one of a kind and available in my Etsy shop now!

2014: create every day…

happy new year!  i hope this post finds you happy and hopeful in this first week of the first month of 2014.

i wanted to share the first creative thing i’ve made this year.  i’m part of a Facebook group of artists, The Studio, and the artist who created the group – April Cole – challenged us to create an art badge as a way of celebrating our one year anniversary as a group.  i hadn’t participated in any of the challenges or activities so far and i signed up for this.  who cared that i’d never created an art badge in my life!  we were to post it on our Facebook group page on january 1st.

this is what i came up with.  i covered a chipboard heart shape with a gelli print, and went at it…

art badge for The Studio (FB)…and i love it!

i chose the phrase “create every day” for my badge.  i plan to place this somewhere in my work space where i can see it daily, to remind myself to really create EVERY day.  even if all i can manage is a drawing in my sketchbook late at night, into the early morning hours.


i’m grateful for this challenge.  it made me think about what i want this year to be: creative, colorful, and full of art.

art badge for The Studio (FB); create every dayart badge for The Studio (FB); sun stampart badge for The Studio (FB); milagros***

so, have i been creating every day?  we’re three days into january, and so far, yes.  if you guessed it’s late night/early morning drawings in my sketchbook – you’d be right.  my days are busy right now with personal issues, but i make it a point to stay up late, pull out my Sharpies, and draw.

i have lots of plans for this year. yesterday (due to the personal issues) i decided to temporarily close both my Etsy shops.  my husband (a.k.a. my shipping department!) and i need some time to focus and regroup.  and just breathe!  but it’s only for a short time.  i have my work table going with new projects, lots of ideas jotted down in notebooks – on the first of the year i even signed up for an online course with artist Jeanne Oliver.  i have lots to share and i can’t wait to get new items into the shops!  (if you’d like to see what i’m up to late at night, follow me on Instagram.)

again, happy new year!  and if you have a favorite word or phrase of your own, please share in the comment section!

til next time…