holiday cards are here – and on SALE!

been busy adding items to my Etsy art shop, including sets of my holiday cards, now on SALE!  i like my cards simple, as shown by my designs here.  one set features a silhouette of a tree, decorated with red round ornaments.  the message is clear and simple: “merry christmas”.  the other set of cards features a drawing of a dove, carrying a red flower in its beak and wearing a garland around its neck.  again, a simple but clear message to share during the holidays: “peace”.  cards are black inside so you can include your own personal message.

these cards sell at events for $4.00 each.  right now in my Etsy shop i have them in sets of 5 for $10 – that’s only $2 each!

while you’re there, please check out all my other listings – original artwork, stationery items, hand stitched ornaments, hand painted wood and tin items, and much more!

Etsy art shop –


when i started blogging i told myself i’d be good about posting regularly.

hmm…does every 2 weeks (or so) count?

anyway, it’s been really busy around here, in my personal life.  i posted early on that my husband and i were hoping to buy our first house.  well, it looks like we’re well on our way!  if all goes smoothly, we should be in our new – own! – house by the time the new year starts.  (can’t believe there’s a new year around the corner!)  i don’t want to jinx it by sharing too much, but it’s very exciting – please send positive vibes & prayers our way!

i’m having a great time tormenting the husband about what i’ll be able to do when we move into our own home.  i’m pretty sure the scariest thing (for him) is that i want to draw a huge wall mural with my beloved black Sharpies.  i CAN’T WAIT.  seriously.  i can’t wait to have our own home where we can the rooms any color we want, create a garden however we want, and answer to no one but ourselves.  yay!

i have been trying to stock more items to the Etsy shops – both the art shop and the supply shop.  i hope you’ll check them both out and consider doing some holiday shopping with me!  you’ll be getting 100% handmade and unique work.

Etsy art shop –

Etsy supply shop –

remember, you can also find my work on the website we share with 3 other artists –  you’ll find beautiful Mexican folk art, Day of the Dead art, stationary items, beaded jewelry, and so much more.

until next time…

november 1st, dia de los angelitos (the little angels)…

november 1, 2012.  i can’t believe the year is almost over.  can you?

if you follow Day of the Dead tradition, today – November 1st – is dia de los angelitos (day of the little angels).  it is believed that babies and children who have passed away return to their loved ones for the day, to celebrate their lives.

i added lights and more flowers to our home altar today.  (the blue box on the right holds photos and memorial/prayer cards of family and friends who have died.)

the vase reads “In Loving Memory

this light

shines as

a symbol of

a life and love


meant for a candle or flowers, we had two of these vases at our wedding 7 years ago, one in memory of Lawrence’s sister, Adrie, and one for my paternal grandmother (Tita).